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Tiny Ladies Wear Cuter Clothes

A few days ago I was wandering the cosmetics section of my local CVS-I’m not bragging, just stating facts here, and I spotting an Asian woman who looked to be maybe 4′ 11″. Now, I’m not positive she was that short because I was too chicken to ask even though I really really wanted to know. I’m slightly obsessed with short people’s heights because there’s a good chance a full sized Sadie will only be 4’10or 4′ 11″ and I want to get a good picture of what that looks like. If it looks like that Asian woman it will be down right adorable. But then again, maybe the random short Asian woman was actually 5′ “, in which case Sadie would be pretty darned small. I wish I could’ve found out how tall she was but there’s just no way to ask someone for their height without seeming like a full on lunatic. You really have to divulge the back story and then you’d come off as even more crazy and rightfully so.
I’ve learned to keep my obsession to myself lest I end up in any verbal altercations or fist fights. Or more verbal altercations than usual.

I never really considered short people that much before I realized I might have one in my future. Sure, I love Randy Newman’s song Short People and can’t help but giggle when I hear it on the radio ever four years or so, but other than that, the topic rarely came up. Now, I notice short people all the time. Sort of like how years ago my husband, who was my boyfriend at the time, told me that an ex-girlfriend of his didn’t know what the word “sherpa” meant. I had no idea what it meant either and while I was mortified that maybe I was a complete dumbass I was also sort of pissed off that he was inadvertantly making me feel like a dumbass. So, in a rare humble moment, instead of calling him an asshole and wiping my hands of the whole sordid affair, I just admitted I didn’t know what a sherpa was either and Jon kindly explained it to me. Of course, immediately after that, it seemed like I heard the word sherpa a million times a day and if someone were to tell me they’d never heard the word now, I’d think they were lying…or a dumbass (but I’d never say it to your face. So, my point is, maybe there are tiny 4′ 11″ ladies waltzing around the city on a constant basis and I’ve just been oblivious to it.

I’m wondering now if Sadie will have any special challenges in life besides finding a pair of jeans that don’t drag on the ground or I guess finding a good tailor. Will she get teased for being short? Does anyone tease for that? I’ve never teased anyone for being short but then I very busy getting teased for having a big butt and a funny walk and not knowing the definition of a sherpa.

The excellent news is that Sadie eats like a teeny tiny wrestler now. She’s been off the periactin for a few weeks (yes, Patricia. Sorry I didn’t update you sooner)and is still sniffing around for her next meal like a true Taylor. She isn’t gaining weight but she definitely isn’t losing and that’s pretty normal for an almost two-year-old. She’s got plenty of time to merely smell food and go up a pants size when she’s forty-three (hi perimenopause- I’ve been expecting you). Her little g-tube button has been sitting on her tummy lonely and unused for months. I want to take it out but the husband, doctor and nutritionist (the lovely Patricia) say that we should keep it in through flu season which I know intellectually is the right move but bloody hell I want to yank it out so bad! Of course I have the patience of a toddler so I’m always going to want things right now.

If the worst thing she has to deal with is people calling her Half Pint, she’s going to be waaaay ahead of the game. But that’s not going to stop me from checking out short people.

LaDainian Tomlinson and Uncle Mikey trick or treating.

Posted by Stefanie Wilder Taylor on November 6, 2009 10:39 pmperiactin,Sadie56 comments  

Oh Snap!

Sadie is over twenty pounds finally. Let’s all let out a collective sigh. Twenty pounds means her car seat was turned around, she’s too big for her size 12 mo. clothes and she has slightly more heft when you hold her. Twenty pounds seems larger, stronger, taller and healthier. Maybe this is imagined but I choose to rejoice in the small victories. That’s how the new sober, more accepting me rolls. Yeah, I’m better than you.

Have I mentioned that this last pound or so has been gained without the aid of the g-tube? We haven’t fed her overnight in months! Her IV pole is being used as a hat rack sort of like most people’s treadmills. Before you present me with my Perfect Parent award, I should tell you that she’s still getting the periactin I told you about a few posts ago (I’m not going to link to it because I’m tired). I love this stuff! Periactin = bueno! I heart periactin. Anyone want to make me a t-shirt? The only side effect of this drug is that for the first maybe week and a half she was on it, she was very drowsy. And who wants a drowsy toddler right? Uh, ME. Where was this shit the last time I flew in a plane with Elby?

I will leave you with some pictures so you know I’m not lying. By the way, these are two different kids. First and last pics are Sadie – Mattie in the middle.
These girls are working with a whole mess a cuteness.

As you can see, Sadie’s figured out that high heels are a good way to compensate for being vertically challenged. Matilda is rocking the high tops because “I can, bitch! I got that kinda height!”

Posted by Stefanie Wilder Taylor on October 16, 2009 3:14 amperiactin,Sadie,Twins31 comments  

The Post That is Sure To Jinx Me

Shockingly, this post has nothing to do with drinking, not drinking, drunkeness, vicodin or Kristy McNichol -not that I’ve blogged much in the past about Kristy but I’ve always meant to because, she’s cool and she was on the Facts of Life.
Okay, my husband just pointed out that Nancy McKeon was on FOL but I don’t know what difference it makes in the scheme of things. Like why pick a fight about that right now? Fine, Jon, you’re right. Is that what you want to hear? Do you feel like more of a man now because you know that Nancy McKeon was on FOL? Maybe we just shouldn’t be together. I mean, seriously, maybe what we need is a trial separation. Oh I’M overreacting?

Listen, I didn’t mean to drag you into my marital discord and don’t worry about me because I just signed up for Match.com.

So, this post is about another one of my favorite obsessions: Sadie and our war on her appetite. Despite our best efforts to get Sadie interested in eating, here is a short list of things Sadie would prefer doing (edited from what could be a much longer list) biting Matilda, licking my computer mouse, shrieking “all done,” staring at a penny, throwing expensive Melissa and Doug puzzle pieces in the toilet and watching any movie starring Richard Gere.

But all of a sudden, it seems we’ve hit Lorenzo’s Oil in the shape of a drug called Periactin. This is an antihistine which has been around for like a hundred and sixty years (I’m pretty sure cave men took it when their allergies were acting up) and has the side effect of causing WEIGHT GAIN.

Why haven’t we tried this before? Well, our GI told us no. She’s a wonderful GI, don’t get me wrong. If she sucked you’d have read all about it. In fact, she recently had twins and yet finds the time to diagnose a little reflux in her spare time. But she doesn’t like putting kids on appetite stimulating drugs. Now my nutritionist, on the other hand, has been gently asking why we don’t try it and last week I suddenly got desperate enough to go over my GI’s head and ask my pediatrician for a prescription. A week ago, I got the drug, gave it to Sadie and then next day my head exploded. She ate like we’ve never seen her eat before. She gobbled, she munched, she scarfed, she wanted more. I spontaneously entered her in a hotdog eating contest and she took second place in the 21-month-old division. Note to self: train her harder next time. No break for diaper changes.

After five days we had to give her two days off and today was day two so she’s back on tomorrow. The only downside to all this is that this drug has a history of suddenly losing it’s efficacy and no one seems to know when that might happen. Could be a week, could be month but in the meantime, let’s drink to her possible weight gain. And by drink I mean Diet Orange Crush because I have been sober for 95 days. You knew I’d throw that in right?

Posted by Stefanie Wilder Taylor on August 25, 2009 6:07 pmperiactin,Sadie40 comments  


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