Madeline Alice Spohr

My beautiful friend Heather and her husband Mike lost their baby girl, Maddie tonight. I’m sick with grief. This is so unbelievable and unfair. I don’t know what to do.

I know you’re all trying to get on The Spohr’s website and it looks like it’s down but we’re working on getting that fixed. Her site can’t handle the amount of traffic it’s getting and there are a few of us trying to make it work.

This is just so devastating to all of us and so out of the blue. I will update when I have more news. For right now, as far as I know, she’s with her family and will probably see her closest friend today. I do know that she doesn’t want flowers but the family is happy to take donations to the March of Dimes in her daughter’s name Madeline Alice Spohr.

I met Heather when our babies both weighed 10 or 11 pounds and we struggled together to get them both to gain weight, egging each other on and trading tips and strategies. Maddie is an amazing little spirit, her eyes so beautiful and huge like saucers. I had the pleasure of watching her eat cake on her first birthday and I will always remember the look on her face as she went to town on that frosting. She was only a few ounces behind Sadie weight wise when this happened and I’d been rooting her for her to kick Sadie’s butt. This is just so fucking unfair.

The services are possibly scheduled for Tuesday here in Los Angeles and I will keep updating more details as I hear them third hand from Meghan.

If people want to donate to the fund Meghan from A Mom Two Boys put up for expenses for Mike and Heather, they can go to Paypal.com and click “Send Money”

From there, they’ll enter:

formaddie@hotmomreviews.com as the payee email address. Or you can visit Meghan’s site and do it from there.

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  1. Y said,

    I can’t sleep. This is awful.

    | April 8, 2009 @ 7:11 am

  2. Heather, Queen of Shake Shake said,

    Oh my god. I am speechless with shock. My heart breaks for Heather.

    | April 8, 2009 @ 12:40 pm

  3. Kelsey said,

    So awful – my heart is breaking for all of you who know her. I can’t imagine.

    | April 8, 2009 @ 1:14 pm

  4. Kyla said,

    It is horribly sad. I can’t imagine.

    | April 8, 2009 @ 1:19 pm

  5. Kyddryn said,

    Oh dear…oh, no…I am so very sorry…

    Shade and Sweetwater,

    | April 8, 2009 @ 1:26 pm

  6. beyond said,

    there are no words.

    | April 8, 2009 @ 1:59 pm

  7. kelly said,

    So so terrible. I read Heather’s blog and can’t imagine the pain she and her husband are going through. My heart breaks for them. They are in my prayers.

    | April 8, 2009 @ 2:01 pm

  8. Petunia Face said,

    Oh. I can’t breathe, that is so awful. I followed her blog and she was a beautiful girl. Thoughts and prayers and strength and peace to her family…

    | April 8, 2009 @ 2:02 pm

  9. Kendra said,

    Oh, God, I am so sorry. I am just so sorry.

    | April 8, 2009 @ 2:03 pm

  10. Laura said,

    I have followed Mike and Heather’s website since the very beginning. There are no words…
    I’m so very, very sorry.

    | April 8, 2009 @ 2:04 pm

  11. Amy in Kansas said,

    Madeline was one of my daily routines. I went to read about her and make sure she was doing ok. I am shocked and have never felt this kind of loss and I never even knew her. My thoughts and prayers are with Hether and Mike and everyone else that knew what that little girl went through.

    | April 8, 2009 @ 2:08 pm

  12. Jen said,

    I am a fan of Heather’s blog too and am totally devasted as well. I just can’t believe it.

    | April 8, 2009 @ 3:14 pm

  13. Anonymous said,

    I woke up dreaming about Maddie last night (how stalker-ish from someone who’s never met them face to face), and decided to check in on Heather’s blog at 3 am hoping to hear that Maddie had taken a turn for the better. Let’s just say I haven’t slept since I read what happened. The only thing I can think is that Heather and Mike gave Maddie the best possible life anyone could have lived, and that is a blessing. I’m so glad for that.

    | April 8, 2009 @ 3:39 pm

  14. Susan said,

    OMG! What the hell happened? I’ve read Heather’s blog forever and LOVE that Maddie face. Heartbroken here. Do you know how we can make contributions or anything else to show her we care?

    | April 8, 2009 @ 4:02 pm

  15. Susan A said,

    This is really awful. My heart goes out to Heather and Mike.

    | April 8, 2009 @ 4:04 pm

  16. carrie said,

    My thoughts are with them too.

    | April 8, 2009 @ 4:31 pm

  17. maya said,

    I am broken form this. Heather is a close friend to me- like family. I cant breathe from this.

    | April 8, 2009 @ 4:37 pm

  18. Sandra said,

    OH NO!!!! What happened? I read her blog often. This is SO horrible!!! I feel so sad for her and Mike and their entire family. So so sad.

    | April 8, 2009 @ 5:54 pm

  19. Anonymous said,

    Oh my god, this makes me so unbelievably sad. I know there’s nothing one can say to make this better, but our prayers are with them.

    | April 8, 2009 @ 6:38 pm

  20. Jen said,

    I’m completely shocked and devastated.

    | April 8, 2009 @ 8:44 pm

  21. Cory said,

    I don’t even know Heather, but I read her blog all the time. I am soo soo heartbroken for them right now. That is my worst nightmare, I can’t even imagine the grief they are experiencing.

    | April 8, 2009 @ 8:47 pm

  22. Amanda said,

    I just found this out about an hour ago and have just been sick ever since. I can’t even begin to imagine. My heart is broken for them. I loved reading about sweet little Maddie. I hope you are able to get their site up soon so that we can all send them our love and support.

    | April 8, 2009 @ 8:51 pm

  23. Anna Marie said,

    I’ve been crying all day…I too discussed weight gain strategies with Heather and Mike, and oh how I love that little girl. I just can’t believe she is gone.

    | April 8, 2009 @ 9:02 pm

  24. Cecily said,

    Like the other commentators, my heart aches for adorable Maddie’s parents. She was such a sweetie: you could see it in her eyes. And everytime I read a blog where she is mentioned, I start to cry again.
    There are no words…

    | April 8, 2009 @ 9:09 pm

  25. Amanda said,

    so, so, so sad. my heart is with them.

    | April 8, 2009 @ 11:43 pm

  26. Anonymous said,

    No, no no no no! I too, was a faithful reader of Heather’s blog, and her daughter is a ray of light! How can this sunbeam be gone? This relationship of bloggers/readers is NOT removed from emotion, and so even though we’ve never met, my heart breaks for Mike and Heather and the what-might-have-beens.

    | April 8, 2009 @ 11:54 pm

  27. CaraBee said,

    I don’t even have the words. Although I read Heather’s blog for some time, I didn’t know them (IRL), and yet I have cried several times today as I thought of their grief. My heart goes out to Heather and Mike in this horrible time.

    | April 9, 2009 @ 12:51 am

  28. Cheryl Lage said,

    For Heather, for Mike, for all of you who know this family in real life, my heart is breaking. Wishing peace when it seems impossible and calm amidst the grief.

    Hope it’s okay Stef, but I am going to link to this post and add a link to the Spohrs MofD page tomorrow. Seeing sweet Maddie’s face atop your post…ugh. Just incomprehensible.

    | April 9, 2009 @ 2:10 am

  29. Redneck Mommy said,

    Heather and Mike and Maddie are so very blessed to have such wonderful friends such as you.

    These words you wrote will go a long way to easing their pain one day.

    I promise.

    | April 9, 2009 @ 4:20 am

  30. Lisa said,

    I am so sorry to hear that. It is just unimaginable.

    | April 9, 2009 @ 4:40 pm

  31. Cat said,


    | April 9, 2009 @ 6:23 pm

  32. Mommy Melee said,

    I discovered the Spohr’s through your blog. Back when I didn’t know what sort of blog community existed, I only read Julie at alittlepregnant, and you.

    So when I heard I thought of you immediately, about Sadie and how she and Maddie were like little soul sisters to me.

    My heart is in a million pieces.

    Thank you for introducing me, about a year ago, to Maddie Spohr. My life has been better for it.

    | April 9, 2009 @ 10:38 pm

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