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The One Where I Ask You To Help Me Come Up With a Title

Yes, I took down my last two posts. For anyone wondering if I was forced to take the last one down: no, I wasn’t. I took it down because many commentors used the company’s name that I was ordered to stop talking about. Although I was, in my opinion, morally in the right to blog about my previous experience with that company, I don’t feel like going to battle over it. Some things are worth a fight and some…just aren’t. I mean, if I wanted to go to court over it I totally could because I’m sort of trained in the field of Law. I didn’t go to an “accredited” law school or anything crazy like that but I’ve watched over half a season of Boston Legal, a couple of episodes of The Practice and quite a few Law and Order: SVU’s so, yeah, obviously I know what I’m talking about. Also, I did serve a little chunk of time in the pokey and that’s ten years I don’t want to repeat so I’m not trying to stir up any new trouble right now.

New topic: I have a book due in Sept. and it doesn’t have a title yet. So many of you are fun, creative types and also quite generous in spirit. So, if you’re so inclined to toss out a few ideas, I’d be forever indebted. Not only that, but I’ll pay 100 bucks to anyone whose title I end up using (maybe 125, depending on how many more doctor’s appointments that are out of network I go to). The book is essays about doing things my own way – with chapters about bad therapists, harrassing my husband into marrying me etc. I need a catchy title that sounds a bit memoirish along the lines of Jen Lancaster’s book (Bitter Is the New Black) or Chelsea’s latest (Are you There Vodka, It’s Me Chelsea) or that other one (I Thought There’d Be Cake). But, obviously, not those. Cause they’re taken. And if I named my book Bitter is the New Black, watch Jen Lancaster try to sue me over it or send me a cease and desist from using my exact same title or some kind of bullshit like that. Okay. Let’s do this!

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On a lighter note from my previous blog, the kind people at Babble.com -and I do love their website- saw fit to print an interview with my big drinkin’ self. You know what? Truth be told, shhhh…I don’t drink very much. How can I with twins and a toddler to care for? I do end many a long day with a cool refreshing Red Hook beer (or two if I’m feeling nutty) but I haven’t so much as been very buzzed since…oh God, well before I was preggo with the twins. But I’ve gotten this rep as the Cocktail Mom; mainly from the titles of the books and because I came out on the Today Show as a proponant of having a glass of wine. But seriously, I said A GLASS OF WINE. Not a BOX of wine. Anyway…I digress. In the interview it quotes me as saying something to the point of I don’t like or trust people who don’t drink. This is not true, exactly. I just find people suspect who don’t like to at least dull their senses once in awhile. If you are an alcoholic and choose not to drink or if there was alcoholism in your family and you don’t like idea of it, I totally back you. But in those cases, there’s always Vicidon! See? I’m here to help.

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I’m too tired to rant so check out this ridiculousness

Janice Dickenson Modeling Agency here we come.

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Hey, You, Get Offa My Boobs

As if I don’t do enough ranting, I have to touch on a political hot button for a few minutes. And it has nothing to do with Obama vs. Hillary but everything to do with mammary glands. I’m just sick of the culture of breastfeed or die out there right now.

Why do so many women have so much animosity toward other women based on the way they feed their children? In my first book, Sippy Cups, I wrote a chapter about my bad experience with attempting to breast feed. For me personally, it was a terrible trauma that entailed nonstop crying on my end and the baby’s, exacerbated my ppd and in the end, wasn’t even worth the three weeks I endured it. Yet, many many readers attacked me for daring to state my own experience. If you don’t believe me, check my Amazon reviews.

The reason I’m still fired up over this is because since my second book came out, I am approached by a lot of women at various functions (okay, fine, the few – very few- book signings I’ve had) who tell me how relieved they were to read my first book and find out they weren’t alone about breastfeeding becoming a huge ordeal for them. Quite a few of these women told me they quit breastfeeding but were afraid to tell their friends because they’ve been openly judged. You (and by you, I mean everyone out there) have no idea how many women among you don’t breastfeed but will tell you to your face that they do!! Why is that? I’ll tell you why – the anti-breastfeeding of the 50’s and 60’s has experienced a backlash so huge it’s gone completely the other way. I know that there are moms out there who still feel they are stigmatized by breastfeeding. I hear you – sure, someone was booted from a plane and Starbucks took a hit out on a breastfeeder – okay…but I don’t feel it nearly competes with what is going on in the opposite direction. Women, are proud of openly judging other moms who don’t breastfeed and will tell women to their face that they are lesser for their choice (or non-choice for many many women).

I know of a million breastfeeding fanatics yet I don’t know one person who is vehemently opposed to people breastfeeding. I read a blog awhile back where the author said she was at a park and saw a woman bottle feeding her baby. She actually wrote that she pitied that woman and her baby because the woman wasn’t breastfeeding. I was so angry I wanted to spit in her face and yet, many readers commented that they related to her feelings! WTF? First of all, how did she know the bottle feeder wasn’t feeding breastmilk but secondly, how is it anyone’s business?

I’m afraid that it’s exactly this attitude which has become so prevelant that makes perfectly wonderful moms hide their fears and insecurities and challenges from others. And all of this hiding leads to depression, isolation and an all around bad experience with new motherhood. And it doesn’t need to be this way!

I’m just saying, it would be nice if we could maybe feel good about our own choices and let others feel good about theirs. I know “breast is best” but guess what; we all fucking get that at this point. Some of us can’t or choose not to do it, even knowing that it may be best. Here is my unpopular opinion: If you want to breastfeed but are finding it difficult yet you really want to try – by all means, do it! There are lactation consultants, breastfeeding support groups and many other breastfeeding mothers who will be there to support you. But, if breastfeeding doesn’t work for you, and you are dying for a voice to tell you that you are still a great mom and are making the best choice for you and your baby – I’m here! Please do not feel guilty; formula has come an awful long way and is the next best thing. Being more confident as a second timer (third timer really) I proudly feed formula to my twins and I’ve even been known to mix it with tap water once or twice in a pinch! My first daughter, Elby, has never had an ear infection, is a good eater, rarely has more than the common cold and is as smart as the day is long! I don’t know if it’s just good genes or if there’s some smart juice added to that Good Starts powder. So, if you see me out there with my formula and you have something to say – I warn you, to quote my friend Heather – it’s on like Donkey Kong, mother fucker!

Okay, I’m done.

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The Results Are In

Sadie is 9 lbs. 12 ounces. She gained 9 oz according to me but 8 oz according to the doctor who deals with grams. What’s with the metric system? I’m so not down with it. If it worked so well, why is it taking like 25 years to catch on? Back in grade school when I was wearing Dittos jeans, the metric system was supposed to spread like a bad STD, and it still hasn’t quite done it. Anyway…I digress. Blame the wine. Dr. GI guy is pleased with her weight gain and doesn’t even think she needs an OT anymore (not that she ever really had more than one visit). I hope she keeps drinking formula –oh, today I started her on solids and she ate cereal like a champ. Can’t wait to do it again tomorrow. Sure, having a JOB would be awesome too but I’ll take my “being in charge of getting solids into my child” for now.

Hope you liked Heather’s blog as much as I do.

Here are some topics you can look forward to in the next couple of days: Breast Feeding -and how I loathe the pressure and torment, and other people’s blogs that have twins and act like it’s a fucking breeze. I have a bone to pick with you. You don’t know who you are, but I do.

Sorry, I guess I get testy after 8 at night.

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