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The Facts of Life Theme Song is Running Through My Head

Yes you read that right. My five-month-old has finally surpassed nine pounds. She’s nine pounds three ounces to be exact. She’s the perfect weight of a bowling ball! The doctor seems to think that she’s growing fine for her size and used that “be patient” phrase again. Damn. This IS me being patient. He should see me when I’m really freaking out; it ain’t pretty.

So, Dr. B’s office happens to be in the same block of buildings as my pediatrician and seeing as how Sadie was acting kind of funny – and by funny I mean crying a lot not telling jokes – I decided to run her in the other office to check for an ear infection. I walk in all apologetic, “hiya, um, I know it’s sooort of neurotic but this one’s sister has an ear infection and I’m wondering if this one might have one too.” The nurse says, “It’s definitely worth checking out.” So, I take a seat and make small talk with other parents of sickies. Eventually I realize that the main waiting room probably isn’t the best place for my nine pound preemie and head to the new baby area to hide from germs. Because everyone knows germs are not airborne and can’t travel a few feet to the “safe area.”

This one doctor I don’t like (actually, I love all the doctors in this practice but one) walks by and says, “hey, what are you here for?” So I tell him about my hunch on the ear infection and he says, “Ear infections are not contagious, you know.” I just nodded my head and smiled. But he went on, “Is she feeding well?” I didn’t want to go into her whole medical history with him so again I smiled and said “Um hm.” And in the most condescending voice says, “She doesn’t have an ear infection. If she does, it would be the biggest coincidence in the world.” Really? The BIGGEST? So I said “Listen Dickwad, don’t you have any other patients to misdiagnose on sight?” Okay, actually, I just said, with less of a smile than before, “Yeah, but better safe than sorry.”

We all know how this story ends, right?

Luckily I already have the prescription for Amoxicillan filled for Thing 1.

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Google At Your Own Risk

Sometimes no news is good news and sometimes no news can just frustrate the shit out you. I’d been waiting for Sadie to morph into the Michelin Baby overnight from all the food she’s taking in now that her yeast infection is clearing up, so after taking her back to the doctor, I was surprised to find that she’d only gained one ounce. He told me to be patient. “She will gain but she has to get used to eating again”… or something like that – I was having trouble focusing on anything but the fact that she’d only gained one ounce. Plus, patience is definitely not my strong suit. Most of the time, the microwave takes way too long for my taste.

People have given me this advice countless times and now I am going to give it to you: stay away from Google if you are at all worried about your child’s health. Google is not a licensed practitioner and in fact, Google is quite the alarmist. So take one alarmist search engine and pair it with a couple of neurotic minds and naturally, my husband and I diagnosed our daughter with William’s Syndrome (I purposely didn’t link to this) as the cause of Sadie’s smallness. It really made sense at the time, low birth weight? Check. A wide upper lip? Sort of!! Turned up nose? Oh my God, yes. It made so much sense that I called my pediatrician on his cellphone (I know – are you kidding me? Who does that? I blame him. He should NEVER have given me that number) on a Sunday no less, to ask him if that was possible. Shockingly, he didn’t sound annoyed but did tell me that it was highly unlikely and that William’s Syndrome presents with heart problems much more major than the slight murmer Sadie has. But was that enough for me? No. I called the GI the next day (mainly because he was smart enough not to give me a cellphone #) and then my husband and I gritted our teeth waiting for him to call back. Five hours later, a very confused sounding Dr. Bahar, told me it was “phenomenally unlikely” that that was the cause of Sadie’s slow gain and to try my best to calm down and see what happens at her next appointment (tomorrow).

For the record, many mothers do have children with all kinds of syndromes and health problems and if Sadie had something like that, obviously, we’d be devastated but we’d deal with it. It’s the not knowing and hanging in limbo that can drive your brain to crazy thoughts and anxiety.

Meanwhile, Matilda of the chunky, good natured, hitting all milestones cuteness, starting screaming uncontrollably yesterday. Because of my now well documented neurosis and because her doctor’s office is practically walking distance, I rushed her in. Thank God she had an ear infection (has anyone ever been thankful for an ear infection?) or I would have felt like a complete paranoid lunatic.

So between the worry over the past few days and last night’s NO SLEEP AT ALL due to feeding Sadie every couple of hours and Matilda not sleeping because of her ear, you, dear readers are the beneficiary of my long and rambling post. Cheers.

I’ll update interested parties tomorrow with Sadie’s progress after her 10 a.m. appointment.

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Sadie’s New Positive Outlook

Okay, so I probably, if I was a less anxious person, should have waited for the final results of Sadie’s test before I went all Blog crazy and ranted about it. The brushing of the esophagus test came back positive for fungus. Yum yum. I sounded surpised when the doctor told me and he asked why I was surprised. “Well, you told me the biopsy was negative so I just figured I had a long road ahead of me.”

“But I told you the brush test was much more sensitive” he said rather gently.

“Hmm…well, I have trust issues. What more can I say?”

But who cares. She is actually eating better. Not nearly as much as I’d like but she wasn’t exactly chowing down before this infection happened. But, rest assured, I can now start acknowledging that I have other children who need to be exploited through Baby On Bored. And exploit them I will. I’ll start telling Elby and Mattie stories in earnest by tomorrow. Right now, all three children are crying and Elby needs dinner and where am I? Blogging that Elby needs dinner and the other children need…well…something. They can’t speak yet so at this point it’s anyone’s guess.

My husband wants to know if he were on a rowboat and my blog was on the rowboat and it was sinking, which would I save. And I said that I’d check my comments first and then save him. Look, you have to sometimes tell the fellas what they want to hear.

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Where’s Doctor House?

I need doctor House or at the very least, some of his Vicidon. Sadie’s biopsy results came back negative for yeast. This was after I was assured that Dr. G felt extremely confident that this is what she has. He’s still waiting for the esophogus brushings to come back, “which is a much better test.” Whatever. I’m not holding my breath. Sadie’s not eating a whole lot better, I’m sad to say. On the other hand, she’s not fighting the bottle like it contains molton lava either – more like she can detect a whiff of onions and finds it rather unpleasant. So that’s sort of an improvement. And I’ll gladly take sort of an improvement at this point. But, color me paranoid, I really hope she’s not all of 8 pounds 12 oz when she’s 2. Maybe I should switch her formula from Good Starts Lite to the regular. But that seems drastic.

At some point life will get fun again right? Right? ANSWER ME! Someday the highlight of my week won’t be the finale of Rock of Love, right? Anyone? Well, even if Sadie does fine, there’s every indication that Rock of Love will still be right up there on my Most Important Things To Do list.

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Smile For the Endoscopy Camera!

Yesterday, after an agonizing few days of watching Sadie get more and more vehemently opposed to food, like a teeny tiny supermodel getting ready for a bikini shoot, we took her back in to see the GI ($125 out of pocket).

First Sadie was weighed by the scowly intake chick. And, by the way, I don’t think anyone should be able to describe as scowly if you work in a pediatric doctor’s office. I mean, sure, maybe it’s not the most well paying job on the planet but you’re wearing a Juicy sweat jacket – life can’t be that bad. Lighten the fuck up. Anyway, Sadie had gained three ounces from her last appointment. Seeing as how she’d been gaining 2 oz a day for a little while, this did not seem promising even if it was a slight gain.

“This is insane” was my greeting to Dr. G the second he walked into the exam room. “Just the mere sight of the bottle makes her scream.”

“Well, she has gained a little weight. Not as much as we’d like to see but she’s not losing weight. I could give her Prevacid and see if it improves or I could do an endoscopy but I don’t think I’m going to find anything.”

My husband wanted to know what he could find with an endoscopy. He gave us a few options like a stomach that’s too small or a tumor or trouble swallowing. But he didn’t seem to think it was likely that she had any of those issues. He was of the opinion that it was possible our three-month-old (corrected age) baby was just being oppositional.

“It’s like trying to sit a toddler down on the toilet and say “toilet train.” I kind of wanted to believe that was true but I had serious doubts. No one in my family has ever had the problem of “not wanting to eat.” I come from a long line of Jews who like nothing better than gorging on corn beef on rye or at the very least a nice Cobb salad.

My husband just wanted to make sure she was going to be okay. He wanted –needed that reassurance. Just WILL MY CHILD BE OKAY? Dr. G said he thought she would. Then he left the office for a few minutes. I looked at my husband and said, “Something needs to be done. This is not a livable situation. I can’t force feed her everyday. And I don’t want to wait and see if she starts eating more eventually. I think we should do the endoscopy.”

Luckily my husband agreed. Who needs money to pay your monthly bills when you could get a $750 photograph (The $750 doctor fee NOT COVERED by Blue Cross) of the inside of Sadie’s esophogus? And this is how we came to find out that Sadie has an esophogal Candida otherwise known as a yeast infection in her esophogus that causes major pain when eating.

I know what you’re thinking, “How the hell does a baby get a yeast infection in the esophagus?” Hard to tell. Dr. G thinks she may have gotten it in the NICU and her immune system as a preemie has never been strong enough to fight it off. It may have just recently gotten bad enough to cause her to practically stop eating. But who cares? It’s treatable! We have a possible answer! It’s all good news in my book. All good except for the Prevacid we still needed which was not covered by Blue Cross for some unknown fucking arbitrary reason and cost $150 for about a week’s supply.

SO…cautious optimism that our little Sadie will be back to her only semi-food averse self in the next day or so. And screw you Blue Cross.

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