Pictures of my Sweet Preemies

Hey if that title doesn’t get a bunch of crazy random Google hits I don’t know what will – okay maybe “chocolate brown lesbian sisters making sweet love to each other” but let’s not go there. Actually, speaking of porn, and this may seem unrelated at first but bear with me, since I started pumping milk, when I can’t pump next to my twins, I’ve needed to look at pictures of them on my computer to get the milk flowing. At first it was good enough to bring up a mental picture of them in my mind and fantasize about holding them until that brought on a trickle but soon I had to move on to the hard stuff, actual photos staring right at me. Truth be told, I even googled “preemie babies” to have a little variety of poses and adorable t-shirts. Okay, let’s not speak of this again.
Some of you may know (especially if you’ve read my book – at least the part I took a lot of heat for) that I had trouble breast-feeding my daughter. Actually, trouble would be an understatement. It was the hardest, most excrutiatingly painful thing I’ve ever done and I stopped after a few weeks. And yes, I took a lot of heat for it especially when I wrote about my experience in my book. I’ll I wrote was the truth and some people just didn’t want to hear it or felt threatened by my telling people it’s okay to make your own decision and your babies will turn out fine either way.
I’d decided that due to my last bout with post partum depression, I wouldn’t attempt to breast feed these babies and I felt semi-okay with my decision. But when I found out they’d be early that went out the window. I knew I had to at least pump as much milk as I could so they could get the best start I could possibly give them. I do make milk, but due to a breast reduction 20 + years ago, I don’t make a whole lot because not all my ducts work. So now I’m pumping round the clock itty bitty amounts for my itty bitty babies. But hey, this morning was a banner morning. I got almost an ounce (from both boobs)! Anyway, without furthur delay, here are my little gals.
Here’s Sadie in her sweet cute, daddy’s arms. Sadie has some growning to do. Right now she’s at Nicole Richie’s pre-pregnancy weight. Our goal is to get her to Nicole’s 5-month pregnant weight before we take her home.

This is Matilda. You can tell because she’s so fat. Don’t worry, in a few weeks if this keeps up I’ll put her on Atkins. Or have The Zone brought in to the NICU everyday. But that can get a little pricey.

This one is Sadie. Little tiny beautiful Sadie. She’s getting her very first bottle to test out her “suck.” Did you know that just the act of sucking down a bottle burns off more calories than this little ones can afford? That’s why they are only allowed one bottle a day for awhile. It’s so funny because this is like when I eat a whole box of cookies. I burn so many calories doing it I just have to lay down for awhile and watch TV.

And here’s Matilda having her first bottle. It’s hard to tell them apart unless you’re in the room with them and can see that Mattie is DOUBLE Sadie’s weight but still, she’s drinking like a champ and with that, I must go visit them.

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  1. sarah said,

    Oh my goodness, they couldn’t be more beautiful.

    The picture of Matilda with her JoeCool glasses on has me walking down memory lane; I have a picture of Ethan in the same stylish NICU get-up. They are somewhere in his keepsake box and I pull them out every once in awhile just to remind me how far he’s come.

    | December 4, 2007 @ 5:45 pm

  2. JMC said,

    They are beautiful! And I’m sure you’ve said so somewhere, but my memory really sucks – I’m guessing they are identical?

    | December 4, 2007 @ 6:05 pm

  3. Carey said,

    Glad everything is going as well as it can right now!! Congrats again on two beautiful babies.

    | December 4, 2007 @ 6:09 pm

  4. Stefanie said,

    JMC, you know, I still don’t know 100% if they are fraternal or identical. I was told by my OB that it’s about a 99% chance they are fraternal because they were in separate sacs and had separate placentas. But then my high risk guy told me that the only way to tell for sure is to run their DNA or if they have different blood types and/or are a different sex it’s obvious. But…they are both girls, both O+ blood and seem to look very much alike. I’m going to check with my OB and see if she ran the plancentas through any tests. I’ll let you know when I know.

    | December 4, 2007 @ 6:11 pm

  5. Sarah said,

    Your daughters are beautiful!! Tiny little perfect angels! Congratulations! I hope that they continue to grow quickly so that they are soon home with you! What miracles during this season of miracles!

    Sarah and Sophie~Bug

    | December 4, 2007 @ 6:18 pm

  6. Miss said,

    Those are two of the most gorgeous babies ever! My ovaries turned over just looking at them! Congrats!


    | December 4, 2007 @ 6:18 pm

  7. Jessica @ A Bushel and a Peck said,

    They are absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations and good luck–I hope they grow quickly and thrive!

    | December 4, 2007 @ 6:44 pm

  8. Catwoman said,

    You’re so right about Matilda. Tell her she lives in LA. She’ll never get an agent being this fat. To have so little self-control at such a young age, it’s so sad.

    And your pumping sounds like my pumping. I was a rabid I will bf my child, because it is best! No formula will ever touch his lips! Then the hospital had to give my hubby a bottle of formula, since Little Man was hungry and I was still asleep from the anesthesia. So yeah. There went that. And then, my boobies? Ends up they’re made for porn, not feeding kids. Because at my prime, I was pumping 2 ounces in 20 minutes. Little Man at that point would drink 5-6 oz. As my sister put it, if I were a dairy cow, they would have put me down at this point.

    Your girls? Are gorgeous!!!! Also? They seem to be a wealth of material for you. I smell book number three! Or is that just a meconium diaper?

    | December 4, 2007 @ 6:49 pm

  9. Catwoman said,

    Just to clarify my previous comment. The hospital gave my hubby a bottle of formula to give to the baby. Not for hubby to eat. Although my hubby would have probably loved for a hot nurse to give him a bottle.

    | December 4, 2007 @ 6:50 pm

  10. LaLa said,

    So sweet!!! Congrats on your healthy beautiful girls. How is big sister doing with the “competition” ?

    | December 4, 2007 @ 8:11 pm

  11. Swistle said,

    Those babies are SOOOOOO beautiful. I love how the eye protectors look like sunglasses.

    There are places online that provide send-away DNA kits. I stopped looking into it when we found out our twins were boy-girl, but I remember it wasn’t as expensive as I’d expected. (I’d thought, like, a thousand dollars.)

    I make a ton of milk (this is already WAY too much information), and STILL could only get an ounce or so with a pump. I HAAAAAAAAATE the pump. HATE.

    | December 4, 2007 @ 8:30 pm

  12. Kris said,

    Seriously, your girls are so freaking adorable I can’t stand it. Love, love, love the Bono glasses. Matilda has a wicked stylish start to life. Nicely played.
    And, by the way, you could have some decency and look like you just gave birth instead of looking perky and gorgeous.

    | December 4, 2007 @ 9:03 pm

  13. Becky said,

    They are absolutely gorgeous. Just beautiful.

    | December 4, 2007 @ 9:07 pm

  14. Amy said,

    OMG! Your girls are GAW-JES!!! Lookit all that hair! Congrats again! And also, you look great! – One of Your Newest Readers

    | December 4, 2007 @ 10:22 pm

  15. Anonymous said,

    my baby girl was a micr preemie (27wks) with development of 22-24 wkd according to my peri …from my experience there are dr.brown bottles tiny ones try giving them that it will reduce reflux gas and make it easier for them to drink too!BTW I too have IC

    | December 4, 2007 @ 11:17 pm

  16. Laural Dawn said,

    I can’t get over how adorable they are!
    And as for the breastfeeding stuff – I get that completely and when I have my baby (end of March) I may not nurse. Books like yours make it okay for me to say that. Screw the critics.
    But, good for you for pumping.

    | December 4, 2007 @ 11:44 pm

  17. momomax said,

    I love these photos. you look so so happy and it’s awesome. They totally look identical, it’s true. I’m amazed at how much hair they have! I’m gushing. A little baby crazy at the moment.

    I let out a pretty disgusting squeal when I read this at work. They are so freaking cute. After my second, I’m having a breast reduction. At last, I’ve figured out how you got that nice set…genetics aside.

    | December 5, 2007 @ 1:46 am

  18. Paula said,

    Hi Stef, it’s Paula (pewella). I just checked your blog to see whazzup and lo and behold you’re a mother of three girls! You all look wonderful and your wee babies are the sweetest little bunnies ever. And good for you for pumping as much as you can for as long as you can. You’re a good Mommy (and will continue to be so the minute those girls are hardy enough to be put on a bottle). Well done!

    | December 5, 2007 @ 1:59 am

  19. andi said,

    They are beautiful! I love the stylin’ sunglasses.

    andi from Poot and Cubby

    | December 5, 2007 @ 6:13 am

  20. Anonymous said,

    They’re beautiful. And you look so happy! I’m very glad everything’s going well with your fabulous girls.

    BTW, there’s a “book rave” about your book posted on The Nest dot com. Here’s the link:


    | December 5, 2007 @ 12:02 pm

  21. Lil Mouse (Jill) said,

    did i say adorable? adorable.

    | December 5, 2007 @ 12:47 pm

  22. Surcie said,

    Oh, such sweetness in those tiny eyes! And it’s really good to see your smiling face.


    | December 5, 2007 @ 1:52 pm

  23. Cheryl Lage said,

    Love those sweet, sweet faces, love your ever-inimitable humor and the grin you’ve got going!

    So excited for ALL of you!

    | December 5, 2007 @ 7:05 pm

  24. Mom101 said,

    Oh sweet beautiful teeny wonderful little babies! I am so so happy for you all, mama, and God their names are awesome.

    And you’re still funny. And look great. How do you manage? I must know.

    | December 5, 2007 @ 7:18 pm

  25. Plain Jane said,

    gorgeous!! gorgeous!! gorgeous!! but may i ask? and i was always the nazi mother when it came to anyone feeding my baby girl…why is the nurse letting baby suck air with that bottle positioning?!?!? i want to hit her!

    | December 5, 2007 @ 8:07 pm

  26. Elizabeth Edwards said,

    Oh Stephanie! They are absolutely beautiful! That first photo, Sadie has a little sticker by her eye-a pulse meter, probably?-and my 2 year old daughter pointed to it and said “wook, Mama, Piwate (pirate)”! Big hugs to you and your gorgeous girls!

    | December 5, 2007 @ 9:55 pm

  27. AmyD said,

    Oh. My. Gah. They are simply GORGEOUS!!! Congrats, again!

    | December 5, 2007 @ 10:44 pm

  28. Christine said,

    Oh, yippee! They are gorgeous. Gorgeous girls with PERFECT names.

    Only you could be absent for so long and then garner crazy comment quantities.

    | December 6, 2007 @ 2:12 am

  29. Trenches of Mommyhood said,

    Thanks for sharing. They’re simply gorgeous. I think my boobs even started leaking milk, and I haven’t been postpartum for over 2 years–that’s how cute they are!

    (Uh…wait. Did I cross the line? Was that too weird?)

    | December 8, 2007 @ 2:12 am

  30. Dana J. Tuszke said,

    Congratulations! They are so beautiful! I had a crazy feeling you delivered already. I’d been gone for awhile and I wasn’t surprised to see these cute photos when I got back!

    | December 8, 2007 @ 6:11 am

  31. missivesfromsuburbia.blogspot.com said,

    Congratulations. They’re beautiful!

    | December 11, 2007 @ 12:49 am

  32. b*babbler said,

    Oh, they couldn’t be any cuter.

    As the mom of a preemie, I’ve always found it startling how much more aware preemies seem to be in a way. The photos of them they are so intent and focused, in a way that full-term babies often are not. I’m not sure why it is, but it just seems to be so.

    | December 11, 2007 @ 4:08 am

  33. Haley-O said,

    Beautiful beautiful beautiful! And, you sound wonderful!

    | December 17, 2007 @ 2:46 am

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