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Please Welcome…

Sadie Wende Taylor and Matilda Mackie Taylor are here! Yes, a little ahead of schedule so that’s why I haven’t posted. I went in for my Monday appointment at the hospital and long story short was told I’d need to deliver that day. So by c-section, Sadie came out first weighing 2.6 pounds and Matilda followed at 4.3 pounds. Yes they are small but they are fierce. Sadie is breathing full on room air and Matilda is needing a little bit of help from a nose cannula but other than that they are fine. Both are in the NICU and will be there for awhile but, really, it’s not as bad as I’d worried it might be to have such small babies. I practically had a panic attack right before I had the spinal what with all the “teams” of doctors standing by waiting for the preemies. There had to be 15 doctors in the room. A team for baby A, a team for baby B (all from NICU) and my doctors, nurses and anesthesiologist. Pretty scary. But then they came out crying and I knew that was GOOD. So I got to see them for a second or two before they were whisked away for tests.

Since then I’ve been able to see them everyday and hold them too. They are so so freaking cute it’s ridiculous. Sadie (the tiny one) looks like a new kitten – which, not being a cat person, I wouldn’t have thought would be as cute as it totally is! When I look at my bigger baby Matilda, she seems like a full size newborn to me. Sure, that’s in comparison to the other one and yeah, I’ve got Percocet in my system 24/7 but still…

Okay, here’s a pic and really, it’s not as scary as it looks but this is the only picture I have easy access to at the moment. I’ll post many more. This one is Sadie, the smaller baby, and her tired but relieved momma.

Please know that I’m so grateful for everyone’s support and well wishes and I’m just soooo grateful for my beautiful, petit and healthy new girls. I hate to say it but this may be turning me into a big old sap. But don’t worry, I won’t be scrapbooking anytime soon.

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Things I’m Kinda Sorta Thankful For

I don’t want to be left behind on the “Things I’m Thankful For” track. I mean, I am definitely thankful for stuff so let me just think of some good things that may normally have been clouded by the ENORMOUS AMOUNT OF STRESS I’M UNDER.

1. I ate a Lean Pocket this afternoon and didn’t burn all the skin off of the inside of my mouth. First time!

2. My daughter’s Hokey Pokey Elmo has finally run out of batteries.

3. There are no more strange men traipsing in and out of my bathroom (construction gets ooooold after awhile).

4. That Jon and I have Tom Brady and the Patriots defense on our fantasy football team.

5. The existance of banana pudding. Or any pudding. Tapioca, chocolate, butterscotch – I give thanks for all of you, Pudding!

6. Sweet Dulcolax.

7. That my husband had the good sense to marry me.

8. My daughter’s dancing skills and spot on Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men impression.

9. Real Housewives of Orange County – particularly Vicki who in my estimation is batshit crazy and the only reason to watch!

10. That the Lifetime Movie Network sees fit to run terrible docudramas 24/7!

11. Augusten Burroughs, Jack Handy, The Office, my husband, Cynthia Heimel, The Lazlo Letters and all things that make me laugh.

12. The possibility of my babies being home for Christmas.

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My Ass is Making a Dent in my Couch

So Friday (that would be yesterday for those calender challenged peeps), I went into the hospital for a little monitoring. All still looking good so it was off to the high risk guy who examined me on his day off in a Rolling Stones T-shirt and ill fitting Levi 505’s. I want to give a quick shout out to my OB who is nothing short of a saint. Her name is Rebecca Perlow and she seriously is a rockstar. I can’t believe my good fortune to have a doctor who actually cares despite the discount they must give to their Blue Cross patients.
Anyway, high risk guy (Dr. Shields) says that things look fine as well. And when I say fine (I was asked in my last set of comments why they won’t let me go past 34 weeks if everything still looks good) I mean that the babies heart rates are strong and not showing signs of distress but baby B is still in the 2 pound range and showing no signs of growth. This means that even if they have the heart rates of Lance Armstrong (Lance, if you are seriously dating an Olson twin I will come hunt you down c-sec or no – that is ridiculous even for you) they are still coming out the second they reach 34 weeks. Apparently anything past that is diminishing returns to a baby who is placenta challenged.
Monday I go repeat the whole monitoring thing again, go to see Shields, who I’m assuming will be back in his Dr. Phil attire and hopefully head home until Thursday.
My friend Shannon, who in my next book goes by the name Crafty Susan for reasons about to be obvious, is knitting my babies some preemie hats. She told me she couldn’t believe how small they were. So, never fear, there is new shit to cry about everyday. But do to my insanely good attitude and the thought of all the good drugs I’ll get in the hospital, I try to keep my tears to a bare minimum. Stay tuned for Monday’s update.

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All Is Still Good

Not too much to report. Just laying on the couch at home which is a hundred times preferable to laying in the hospital with unflossed teeth and an unwashed bra. Crazy I know. Plus, you really only need to eat baked cod that tastes extremely similar to a sea sponge just the once to know you don’t want to sample it again. So, tomorrow I binge on Gelson’s turkey dinner with my awesome brother and sister-in-law plus a small assortment of friends and then head back to the hospital on Friday to see what’s what. I’m supposed to be prepared to check back into the hospital then but if all is still okay, I go back home for the weekend. Then next week it’s baby time. B-day. In the meantime…I’m watching a WE show about phone sex operators.

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Cautious Optimism

Hey! So, high risk doc came and did a work up on the babes tonight. It seems they are small (and one of them very very small) BUT they are doing okay. The best part is they are sending me home tomorrow and I get to have Thanksgiving with my family. I come back for monitoring on Friday and then again on Monday and then next Thursday I will deliver these babies at 34 weeks. So, and I don’t want to jinx anything, God willing, my babies will be tiny but more mature than they would be at 32 weeks.

Bottom line, I get to watch the finale of The Bachelor, get another night of Ambien, eat a full hospital breakfast and get the hell out of here. It also means I can bring clean undies to my C-sec and perhaps save the myself the indignity of a hospital shave.

Yes, my girls will still spend a long time in the NICU but they will be okay!!!

Why don’t the nurses find it amusing when you tell them, “it’s time for my Percocet!”? I guess sense of humor isn’t part of the State Board exams.

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