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Can Someone Please Talk Me Down?

So, I just got back from one of those perinatal in depth doctor visits (I’m 29 weeks) where they do all the measurements. Everything seemed totally cool – baby A is 2 pounds 5 oz. which is pretty normal (I’m guessing) but baby B seems to be only 1 pound 12 oz. Yeah. Naturally my heart started to beat a lot faster despite the fact that no one was speaking in hushed tones or freaking out in any way shape or form. But the doctor said that baby B is small and needs to be watched. I was told to lay on my left side for at least four hours a day (aside from sleeping) and generally get more rest. He said it’s the only way they know to get more blood flow to the baby and help them gain weight.

Naturally, but with no tears, I asked if this was something to worry about and he said “No. But I want to see you in three weeks so I can more closely monitor the growth.” He said this knowing that I have a regular OB appointment in less than 2 weeks. Okay, so my naturally tendency is to worry. But he said right now it’s not necessarily indication of an actual problem.

But, doesn’t it seem like a lot of weight for a baby to need to gain in eight weeks if say I deliver at 37 weeks? Anyone? Beuller? Should I be drinking my weight in McDonald’s shakes or what? I know you can’t give me a professional opinion but I thought maybe you’ve heard of this happening or it’s happened to you. So don’t be shy.

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My Super Sweet Lesbian Fantasy Hair Cut

Remember that shampoo, Short N’ Sassy? It smelled so delicious and that just reminded me of Jean Nate ooh and and Fabrage Organics with wheat germ and honey…anyway, I started thinking about that because I’m obsessed with the idea of cutting my hair super short. Remember how Anne Heche looked back when she was a lesbian dating Ellen? She had that pixie with the fringe below her ears.

I’ve thought about doing this for years but I always chicken out. For one thing, my husband isn’t down with it. Not that my cutting my hair off would cause a feud or less sex or him leaving me for someone with hair below her ears, it just seems kind of mean to cut it all off if he likes it long. Plus, he might be forced to issue a corrective and his pimp hand is strong!
But, seriously, I’m tempted. It would be so great to not have to plan a session with my blow-dryer just to wash my hair. Especially with twins coming. And when done right it can look very hip. On the other hand, if it’s not done right, I will have definite mom hair. Being that I’m inches away from a minivan purchase, it might be an inopportune time to sport a mom-do. Next thing you know I’ll be sporting a visor, sporting a Care Bears T-shirt and some mom jeans.
So I don’t know. Should I do it? Before you advise me, something to keep in mind: I used to love that haircut Natalie Portman had in The Professional. The severe bob. I obsessed on that one until I went for it and it was one of the worst decisions I’ve ever made hair-wise (besides the time I dyed my hair jet black with Henna). My hair didn’t lay flat and looked very non life-like and much more hat-like. I’d show you a picture of it but then I’d have to kill you.
Let’s just get back to remember how great Jean Nate smells!

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I Was Late

Today I was a couple of minutes late to pick my daughter up from preschool. This wouldn’t be a big deal to most people. But it is to me.

When my Elby started school a few weeks ago, she had the easiest transition ever. The kid doesn’t even look back at me when I leave. Every morning she practically pulls me out the door to get there faster. I couldn’t be happier that she’s so happy, getting to play with other kids, doing those adorable little art projects which are already growing dust in my office and coming home singing songs I’ve never heard before. She’s like a different child already. She likes to clean up! She’s so secure. So unlike I was at her age. And I want her to stay that way. Which is why I felt like shit even getting to her school a few minutes late.

I was the kid whose mom was always late. All the other children would have been picked up by their smiling faced parents in their Jeep Wagoneers or Station Wagons while I would sit with the teacher waiting. I had daycare after nursery school but even at the late hour of five or six or whatever it was, I remember always having to wait. Looking out for my mom and growing tenser by the minute. Would she ever come? My heart would leap up when I saw her car pulling up and I’d be filled with relief, but I’m sure I was angry too. Angry that I was always last. Unimportant.

From that perspective, picking my daughter up late SUCKED. I pictured my baby waiting and wondering where I was. Of course, in reality, she was riding a tryke around the play yard. She gave the cutest little yelp when she saw me but went right back to focusing on her mission at hand.

Obviously I will be late many more times in her school career. It’s not the end of the world. But it does make you realize the baggage you bring to the table as a parent.

Today is day to of my trying to eat healthier. But listen, I may not be eating sugar but I am going to have some Splenda. If I can’t have Splenda, the terrorists have won.

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