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Someone Give Me An Alternative

To the minivan.

Sorry I haven’t blogged in awhile. I’m still alive. Barely. I have a book due in exactly one month and that’s not a good feeling when you totally lost time due to a double dose of morning sickness. So I must write like the wind and make sure I’ve weighed in on all topics toddler related.

Here are a few things that can’t help but take my mind off of writing:

There are ants in my dishwasher. How to get them out in a way that’s safe for a pregnant woman and toddler girl?

Our garage door is broken.

The check engine light on my car is on and my mechanic can’t take it until next Friday. Plus it’s making a high pitched noise when I drive. Lovely.

My computer is having trouble coming back from suspend mode.

My daughter is on a napstrike that would put postal workers to shame.

Is Mercury in retrograde or what?

But meanwhile…if you have three children, please please tell me what you drive. I may break down and buy a minivan but if you have an SUV that does the job let me know about it. I’m not quite ready to roll up for drinks with a girlfriend in my minivan yet.

Quick addition to this post: what are your (three kid) feelings on the Honda Pilot? I looked at the new Volvo SUV because I’m a big old safety queen but it is too small.

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I Love You, Tiki Barber!

At the risk of sounding like a whipped mommy, I have to admit that now that my daughter is two and a half (counting down to three), I miss her like crazy even if I’m only gone for one day. Is that weird? When she was younger, as much as I felt guilty about it, I was thrilled to be away for a few days. Being baby-free was absolute bliss. Having a meal in peace, taking a shower uninterrupted, watching something on TV that wasn’t Dora, actually having the opportunity to masturbate (although, lacking the energy). Grown-up stuff!!

But now that she’s in her extremely good company phase, I want to be the one who reads her “I Like Me” for the eightieth time this week. I want to watch her play with her Diego doll in the tub and I want to personally microwave her Dino Nuggets! Me! Momma! It seems like she changes every single day and if you’re gone for one day you miss stuff.

Oh well, it was worth it. It was the Today Show after all. I don’t know if you saw it but I didn’t really talk much. I found out at the last minute that the writer of the New York Times article on over praising kids and I would be interviewed by Tiki Barber -hang on…I have to fantasize for a minute -okay I’m back and Matt Lauer. I don’t know why Matt was in the segment. I’m thinking he was like training wheels for Tiki but it made for too many people in a three minute segment. Me, being a woman, was afraid to interrupt and so never got to comment much until I realized that unless I jumped in I would be part of the segment at all. You live and learn. Next time I’ll be totally aggressive.

After I did the show, I went and met Momomax for chocolate and coffee. She treated me which was so nice since the bill for our minute amount of delicacies was almost fifty bucks! I don’t know why Angie doesn’t have a picture of herself on her site cause she is gorgeous! Right when we were leaving, Angie spotted Ann Curry enjoying a little post show, no make-up, sweatpants, walk down 6th Ave (which is also Avenue of the Americas for my future reference and so that you never walk six blocks out of your way looking for it like I did). Of course I had to walk right up to Ann and introduce myself like a douche because I JUST DID THE SHOW, ANN! She was actually quite gracious and she’s lovely in person. I believe she’s fifty but my husband says he’d totally do her so there’s hope for all of us!

And now I must jam out the rest of my book.

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Tomorrow on Today

So, my belly and I are off to NY tomorrow to do the Today Show on Tuesday. I really don’t know what to expect because I’m sort of getting used to my place as the Cocktail Mommy and now I’ll be talking about, well, more serious shit…and shit. Wow, can I even get through one paragraph without swearing? I guess not.

Elby got her big girl bed today and is sleeping in it for the first time ever tonight. Oh my God I don’t think there has been a cuter moment in my mothering history than the look on her face when she got in it and pulled up the covers. Which of course will lead to her least cute moment which will be every night from here on out when she climbs out of her bed and into ours at 4:00 a.m. But for now, she’s fast asleep.

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Babies On Bored

Yes, you read the title correctly. Okay, here it is. The thing that’s been on my mind. The thing that’s been driving me half insane with worry, with joy, with hormones. I’m knocked up – with twins. Twin girls to be exact. Can you believe it? Spontaneous twins. I’m 13 weeks along and just starting to feel less sick. I’m still tearing up inappropriately but how much of that is due to hormones and how much is due to HAVING TWINS I can’t be sure.

Jon and I decided approximately 3 and a half months ago to go for number two and apparently it took right away so we had very little time to take in the idea of a new addition. Then the beginning of this pregnancy was fraught with spotting and intense morning sickness. My OB told me the pregnancy didn’t look good. I changed doctors. But at week 8 I had a major bleed and ended up in the ER where we found out that not only didn’t I lose the pregnancy but there were two in there. Needless to say we were shocked. And no, twins don’t run in our family and yes, I’ve heard that at 40 you are likely to drop two eggs when you ovulate but I’ve also heard it’s still pretty rare to conceive twins naturally.

Later when I went for the CVS considering my “very advanced maternal age” although not as advance as Nancy Grace, hello 47 with twins, I was told I’d started out with triplets and lost one. So mystery bleeding solved.

How am I feeling? Exhausted, overwhelmed and worried that I’m going to have to buy a minivan. I wasn’t at all sure I even wanted two kids let alone three so this has been a bit jarring. On the other hand, it’s an opportunity to rise to the occasion. I wasn’t sure I wanted one child and now I can barely look at my daughter without tearing up at how beautiful she is and how much better my life is with her in it. So maybe it will just be that much more lovely to have three girls!

In the interest of full disclosure, I can’t say that I was happy to hear it was twins. I felt pure fear. But what are you going to do? Life is about the unexpected. If anyone has any good advice for dealing with three kids, I’m open to it. But, now that everything’s okay, I’m getting a teesy bit excited!

Let the name hunt begin.

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