In Honor of Rosemarie C. Carlson

I remember the life of Rosemarie C. Carlson.

I am honored to be a part of This tribute to the victims of September 11th

I was randomly assigned a victim to memorialize and imagine my surprise to find out that, like me, she was a forty-year-old mother.

This is Rosemarie C. Carlson.

We know that Rosemarie Carlson was a mother, a sister, a best friend, a daughter. We also know she was a,

Queens native

Lived in Brooklyn


Blonde hair

Hazel eyes

She had fair skin

Was a mother of six, ages five to twenty

Home schooled all of her children (can you imagine the dedication??)

Wore a silver necklace with blue stones, and a matching ring

Worked in the International Office Center and had only gone back to work there on September 7, 2001.

She died in the World Trade Center – Tower One – 79th Floor on September 11, 2001.

But what we don’t know is a lot.

Just like when Kennedy was assasinated, the question “where were you on 9/11?” will always bring to mind an instant snapshot of our lives the moment before they would be forever changed.

I woke up early that morning to the sound of the phone ringing and ringing. My boyfriend, now husband, reached for it and after a few unintelligable grunts of “whaa? huh?” he grabbed for the remote and switched the television on. We were assaulted with the images of the first tower burning and newscasters in a panic describing all they knew so far. Before we could get our bearings, the second tower was hit. And we continued to watch in horror both towers collapse as we cried and held onto each other. Fortunately we were safe.

In New York, at 9:40 a.m., Evita Ortiz, the eldest daughter of six children got a call from her mom, Rosemarie, after the building she was in had been hit. “She said she was waiting in her office and they were going to come and get them,” Evita said, crying. “She said, `I love you.’ ”

At 10 a.m., Rosemarie’s best friend, Linda Antretter, called her to see what happened. Linda recalls how even then, Rosemarie was always thinking of others.

“She was waiting for rescue, and she was pretty calm,” Linda said. “My mom has been sick, and she asked me twice how my mom was doing. I joked with her. I told her to meet a nice fireman. But at the end of the call, I started to hear fear. Her voice was trembling.”

I know she was loved. After the attack on the World Trade Center, Rosemarie’s brother, Marco Yurisak frantically went to every single hospital in New York looking for his sister. But he never found her.

Rosemarie clearly meant a lot to many people.

Rosemarie’s sister-in-law, Karen Sanchez, described her to Newsweek as, “a mommy to the core.”

On a 9/11 tribute board I found this message from Rosemarie’s daughter.

God…I miss her so much…i wanna thank everyone that posted on here…She was the most amazing person..her personality was one of a kind…she was my mom but also my friend…i could talk to her about almost anything…miss lttle littles thing like when she was mad..lol…scary …her hair..it was so soft..like spun gold…her eyes(hazel)…they would change color depending on her moood..she was the best mom..she was everything for me…

I love you. I miss u..


What else is there to say? Rest in peace, Rosemarie. Just in writing about you, you’ve touched my life.

If you want to read more tributes, go to the link above.

Never Forget…

Posted by Stefanie Wilder Taylor on September 9, 2006 5:08 amUncategorized18 comments  


  1. Henry "Conductor" Gomez said,


    Thanks for dropping by our blog and leaving a comment on my tribute to Nancy Yuen Ngo. I don’t know that our tributes will mean anything to the families of the victims or the victims themselves (as they watch over us) but I am certain that participating in this project will change the way all of us bloggers feel about 9/11.

    | September 11, 2006 @ 6:15 am

  2. Jay T. said,

    It’s certainly changed how I feel. I feel like I got to know Harry Ramos. I wish I could have met him, I think we’d have liked each other.

    Great tribute Stefanie. Thanks for sharing it.

    You can remember Harry Ramos, who died comforting a complete stranger here:


    | September 11, 2006 @ 8:42 am

  3. brian said,

    Oh my, what an incredible person she is. Thank you for writing this wrenching tribute to someone who was loved by so many. She will always be remembered not as a number but as a person.

    Please stop by my tribute for Gilbert and leave a link and comment so that all can come here to read her story.

    | September 11, 2006 @ 12:12 pm

  4. Katherine said,

    That was a really moving tribute. Thanks for stopping by my tribute to Marjorie C. Salamone.

    | September 11, 2006 @ 5:02 pm

  5. C. said,

    Wow…Rosemarie was quite a woman. Just to be a mother of six earns you a special place in heaven I believe, but to also be so kind and considerate as to ask twice about her best friend’s mom. Amazing.

    Really brings the tragedy home when you can see what kind of folks the world lost that day.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing your comment.

    | September 11, 2006 @ 9:11 pm

  6. Teena said,

    Very lovely tribute. Thank you for honouring Rosemary.

    Thank you for stopping by mine.

    | September 12, 2006 @ 12:19 am

  7. Meowkaat said,

    That was a beautiuflly written tribute. thank you so much.

    | September 12, 2006 @ 12:44 am

  8. Binkytown said,

    Heartbreaking. There is nothing else one can say.

    | September 12, 2006 @ 1:47 am

  9. Kate said,

    Well, it’s officially 9/12 now, and this is the second tribute I’ve read since midnight (eastern time). I remarked to Missy (who is still up and also reading tributes) that I’d managed to start the new day off WITHOUT crying. And that’s now out the window.

    Thank you for writing about her, so that she can live on in our collective memories.

    And thank you for you kind words on my own tribute to Ruth McCourt.

    | September 12, 2006 @ 4:14 am

  10. Izzy said,

    A mother of six? My god, that in itself is heartbreaking. Thanks for doing this.

    | September 12, 2006 @ 4:55 am

  11. Life, or Something Like It said,

    Thank you for sharing your tribute. It brought tears to my eyes…Very well done.

    | September 12, 2006 @ 12:05 pm

  12. Mega Mom said,

    She sounds like a beautiful person. What a loss for us all.

    Thank you.

    | September 12, 2006 @ 1:23 pm

  13. Klynn said,

    That was a beautiful tribute. Also a tribute to the ongoing love and support of us as a nation as a whole.

    I’m at work, so I can’t visit all the tributes. Besides not getting any work done, everyone would wonder why I’m crying so much. But I will definitely take a moment to say a prayer for all the families of the heroes who died on 9/11.

    | September 12, 2006 @ 3:21 pm

  14. Ben Heller said,

    What a beautiful heartfelt tribute. A mother of 6. I shed a tear for each one of those kids.

    | September 12, 2006 @ 5:16 pm

  15. Positive Chaos said,

    Inspiring and what a beautifully written tribute!

    | September 13, 2006 @ 1:50 am

  16. Oblivious Maven said,

    I didn’t participate, but I thought that this was a great idea. Good job, I will be thinking of her.

    | September 14, 2006 @ 1:46 am

  17. Krisco said,

    This is a beautiful tribute. You did a great job.

    You’ve brought tears to my eyes.

    How sad, somehow – that she was only going there regularly for five days. If she had only signed up to start work the next week…

    | October 7, 2006 @ 7:28 am

  18. Anonymous said,

    Rosemarie, Its me Branko your cousin. This should have never happened to you.
    I still think of you and wish we spent more time together. I remember when we were kids you were so beutiful and smart. I got to see you graduate from High School you were so smart.
    Your mom is doing fine and I look after her. Say hi to uncle Johnny, Uncle Peter, Johnny our Cousin, Uncle Mario, Noni and Auntie Eline.

    Love Your Cousin

    | August 1, 2008 @ 5:05 am

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