It’s Not Me It’s You

It's Not Me It's You“When I was almost thirty years old, my friend Samantha talked me into
being a camp counselor with her to a group of thirteen-year-old girls
at a YMCA camp. Samantha was a major do-gooder, always up for getting
out and volunteering for causes usually involving animals or kids or
the elderly. I considered myself more of a mental do-gooder. I had
good intentions but preferred community service I could do from my
couch while reading magazines and eating take-out—kind of like The
Secret but with transfats.
But this actually sounded sort of fun to me—specifically
because I had great memories of summer camp and because I’d be with
the thirteen-year-old group, which I felt was my target demo. Hell, I
was practically like a thirteen-year-old girl myself with my love of
Gummi bears, shopping at Forever 21, and illegally downloading Britney
Spears songs—except that I lived in my own apartment, had a job, and
had slightly easier access to alcohol. So I quickly agreed to do it,
and before I knew what happened, I was a few hundred miles from home
at a camp by Big Bear Lake getting to know my young charges. As I
quickly found out, a lot had changed since I was thirteen. Today’s
thirteen-year-olds were smoking pot and, as it turns out, very very
over Britney Spears. They preferred hard-core rap. And out of twelve
girls, at least ten of them had names that were some version of

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