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You Are Not Alone -The Video

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Babysitters -The Unsung Heroes

It’s rare to find someone to help you with your kids who cares for them anywhere in the ballpark of how you care for them. I had that in Liz. When I had my twins I was on an ill-timed deadline to finish my third book. Between hormones (double the dose), PPD, preemies just home from the hospital and work stress I was the epitome of a hot mess.  But luckily I had a secret weapon: my newly hired help. I’d hired a nanny to help me bridge the gap because I knew I had to get my book in but I also had another child who had just started preschool in addition to the twins. It was going to be a nearly impossible situation.  She sort of took over while I cried over my computer, over my deadline, over my perceived lack of parenting twins ability. Liz stepped in and stepped up, taking the twins for long walks, helping me hold them, feed them, love them. Liz saved my life.

And I almost didn’t hire her.

When I was maybe seven months pregnant I had a pretty lackadaisical approach. I sort of figured I had a lot of time to choose someone. When Liz came over she was very sweet but clearly meant business -letting me know that she had a strong religious faith -Jehovah’s Witness and wanted to make sure I didn’t have a problem with that. All I knew about Jehovah’s Witnesses was that Michael Jackson was one and that they liked to knock on people’s doors a lot. So after Liz left I Googled it and what I found really didn’t bother me. Hey, she wasn’t a Scientologist! But I didn’t call her back right away because I just wasn’t ready to commit.

Cut to a few weeks later when I found myself on bedrest in the hospital. While I was there, not thinking about nannies, my husband told me that Liz had called and that she was very interested in the job. Apparently she was being offered another job but she wanted to work with me more (I wish it was because I was so pretty and charming but I think it was more because the other job seemed like more work and required travel). So seeing as it would’ve been tough to start interviewing more people at this stage and based on a good feeling, we hired her. Don’t you just love trusting your instincts? It was the best decision ever made out of sheer laziness and desperation.

Liz became a part of our family. She saw me bloated, teary, overwhelmed, panicked and vulnerable and she never let on that it was anything less than a normal situation.

When Sadie got a feeding tube button put in, Liz was one of the first people to feed her through it. I’ll never ever forget that.

So when I hear stories of people who don’t take good care of the people who take good care of their kids it makes me crazy.

I wrote a post about it on Babble called, Are You a Babysitters Worst Nightmare? Give it a read because I’d love to hear your comments or stories!






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Sadie’s Feet

So Sadie broke through the 28 lb mark. This may not seem like much to you owners of fat babies, babies who weighed 28 pounds by the time they were 18 months, but to us it’s a huge deal. I almost cried when I saw the number. Almost. I’m not a pussy.

It was honestly starting to seem like Sadie would weigh 27 pounds forever. This is the problem with with these small kids: They can eat all day long and not gain a pound. Sure it’s a wonderful trait for a supermodel or anxiety ridden forty-five-year-old who binges on Girl Scout Cookies to relieve stress, but a preschooler needs to gain weight. They need the pounds for little things like, I don’t know, brain development and eventually reaching the height of a kitchen counter.

Most of the time I try not to think about Sadie’s height. Unfortunately Mattie is full head taller and outweighs Sadie by 14 pounds so it is sort of a constant reminder. But we are doing what we know is right for now: she eats healthy foods and as much as she wants as often as she wants and she is followed by an excellent endocrinologist at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Short of the growth hormones, there’s nothing else to do but let nature take its course. Yeah, you know how well I do with “going with the flow.” I like to be in control, take action, keep things moving. I also like to read the last page of a novel or be told the ending to a movie before I see it. My two favorite words are *spoiler alert*

And this is why I have a scale.

I may not be able to do anything about Sadie’s weight but I can at least keep track of it.

So excuse me while I have a little celebration for the number 28!

P.S. I wrote a story about Matilda’s eating habits which you can check out on my Babble Blog if you like.

If you’re in Vegas right now put ten buck on it at the roulette table or at least have a Shamrock shake in Sadie’s honor.

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Boobs – Hee Hee

You know that as a mom of three who works about 18 jobs I have tons of time on my hands. I mean, that’s a given right? So of course I checked out Pinterest and also the website ecards because I have funny thoughts and need a place to put them to pictures. Here’s my latest.

I did another funny one on Babble that I recommend you check out.

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Dr. Seuss

I’ve written something over in Babble territory that I wanted to share with you guys. You have to go over there to read it though. If you then wanted to share it on FB it would really help keep me and my family in finery. And by finery I mean preschool, organic apple sauce and pull-ups (because we are not doing well with the overnight training but that’s another post).

When Sadie was about 18 months old, she was decidedly behind Matilda developmentally. Every night I’d read them from the Dr. Seuss board book Ten Apples Up On Top! and I came up with little hand gestures to go with the pictures. When the pile of apples was really high I’d hold my hand way up in the air and Matilda would do it right along with me on every page of the book. Sadie would sit and sort of listen but her attention span wasn’t anywhere near Matilda’s and I was never sure if she was taking it in or if being read to was even connecting with her. During those days I was constantly worried, constantly wondering if she’d catch up. It didn’t help that she’d recently been assessed by a speech therapist as being on a 9-month old level and in need of twice weekly sessions.

Still I read every single night.

for more of this post go here.

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