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And We Have a Walker!

And I don’t mean that I have a little rug rat that just graduated from crawling, I mean that Chelsea Handler is donating $1500 to buy the walker. Since the range in price for this specialized piece of equipment is 1500-2400, the donations received will go to pay the difference but suffice it to say, we have a walker for the 14-year-old girl.

This is an excerpt from an email between The Regional Center and the director of my preschool: “the therapy walker is adaptive equipment that is facilitated by the School District, they can use it there, but cannot take home. I’m a little embarrassed that [the family] requested such an expensive gift, and please do not feel in anyway obligated to purchase this, According to the Sammons Preston catalog (2007), they range from about $1, 500-2, 400, the website is www.sammonspreston.com if you’d like more information, but again I feel this is a lot.” Okay, personally, I can’t imagine wanting only a piece of equipment TO HELP ME WALK for Christmas and it certainly doesn’t seem like too much to ask. A Coach bag for $2,400, maybe. But a walker? I think we can swing it.

SO YAY!!! Thank you Chelsea!! So far we’ve raised 2800 dollars to buy clothes, high chairs, work boots, some top notch marijuana bud (kidding. just wanted to see if you were still reading), crack cocaine (not kidding) (okay, yes I was kidding again), toys for the 5-year-old, jackets, a bike, bedding ( This company: Adirondack Fleece and Sweatshirt Blanket) are sending blankets to our family! Their stuff is amazing and they are “spreading the warmth”) and tons of other stuff. I know that “things” don’t make life with disabled 10-month-old twins perfect but let’s hope we can cheer them up this year -especially their sweet 5-year-old son Andy.

If you would still like to donate (I will continue to buy the Purple Room family more stuff) you are welcome to until Tuesday night. Every donation over 5 bucks will get a personal shout out from yours truly.

More Amusing Shout Outs!

Farmer’s Daughter is Down homey goodness. If you go there right now there’s a bird’s eye view of the family corn maze. Seriously. They quilt and shit. I love it and want to go live there immediately. If you’re reading this, can I come stay with you? Will you wake me in the morning with fresh brewed coffee and organic eggs? Instead of lip filler do people just let bees sting their lips? Obviously I have questions.

I clicked over to Pink Porches and was immediately greeted by the notion that she has a goat as a pet. I think. I’m really tired. It could be a Guinea pig with horns. Go check it out and let me know what you decide. But seriously, she donated because she gets it. She has a boy with Cerebral Palsy and her last post with the video made me all sniffly.

Jennifer over at Breed ‘Em and Weep is a professional writer and a kickass blogger. I read her fairly regularly (I have three kids people) and follow her on twitter. I suggest you do too. She’s funny, fresh, interesting and her blog is pretty.

This Truth Is Free can be filed under “blogs I might never have read it if weren’t for this but I’m so glad I did.” It’s a dude, he’s got an edge. Suffice it to say that his blog has the badge Proud Member of Gaggle of Whiny Whores which I desperately want to join.

So I go over to this blog The Robbin’s Nest not expecting much because when I asked her what I could pimp she was all “who me? my little blog? it’s nothing really” but I check it out and BAM cutest. baby. ever. on the first post. Plus, she’s also OCD and a control freak just like me. She’s hoping that maybe next year, she’ll let her older daughter help put ornaments on the tree. Baby steps.

This next website will blow your mind: The Bindlestiffs are crazy circus people, but they’re also so much more than that: a loving couple with a fondness for partying and barely making rent. Watch these webisodes professionally edited by a television producer and you will be wondering why the Bindlestiffs don’t have their own show a la Dog the Bounty Hunter etc. I want to personally make them famous. I’m trying to figure out a way. Maybe you could spread the word?

When I think of Northampton, I think of underarm hair and bead stores but when you think of Northampton I hope you think of Karen at Gentle Balance Birth. Karen is a midwife who is determined to give you your birth your way and not the hospital’s way, the doctor’s way, your mom’s way etc. If you live in the area, you should check her out since she’s obviously really nice (hello, she made a donation to MY CAUSE).

Next up is the blog Mosey Along. The author describes herself as “battling occasional bouts of melancholy.” Yes, I think we can all relate to that. She’s also an amazing photographer and Canadian but living in San Fran with a British husband. Color me jealous.

I love this next blog. The author was my most recent DGDF contributor. Do you want to think? To Feel? To be inspired? To shed a tear? To fully and wholly relate? Go to No One Here To Save and you’ll end up spending the day there like I did.

Take one mom, put her in a bar around a lot of drunks and listen to HER life story for a change and you’ve got Punky Mama. Her tag line describes her blog better than I could: Slam Dancing through parenting, ADHD, food allergies, epilepsy and more. Again, I wouldn’t have known about this blog if she hadn’t made a donation but it’s so good I bookmarked it. I hope you will take a minute to check it out.

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More Love and Another Thing…

I want to say that I have been teary-eyed for 48 hours at the support you are all giving this family. We’ve already raised enough money to hook up the family with the disabled twin girls and THEN SOME (They are receiving over 2000 so far). As I said in my first post about this, I know we can’t help everyone, but The Regional Center gave Sadie so much help and the best therapists and it’s because of them that at three-years-old my little Sadie who started out this life waaaay behind is happy, healthy, spirited (okay I may have to blame my genes for that nonsense) and not showing any deficits. Not only did these therapists help Sadie, they helped the rest of the family because having a child with issues is exceptionally hell. But guess what, having a child or children that require intervention and not having any financial resources is a hotter kind of hell.

Because the Purple Room adopted family is getting such a large gift now (because you all rock!), I would like to give any more donations that come in to a fourteen-year-old disabled girl (green room adoptee) whose family only asked for a therapy walker that unfortunately costs 1500. If I don’t raise enough for Sage Academy to buy the walker, we’ll give the family whatever money we raise.

If any of you know a company that would want to sponsor this gift let me know. I will be happy to give anyone who asks the tax ID number to make your gift tax deductible. But seriously, HOW PHENOMENAL WILL YOU FEEL WHEN I POST PICTURES OF THIS GIRL GETTING A NEW THERAPY WALKER?? You will turn into such a bragasaurus showing pictures to all your friends and blabbing that your money bought a disabled 14-year-old a walker. No one will be able to deal with you and your swelled head and giving heart. You will be the opposite of the grinch! Your heart will be TWO SIZES TOO BIG!! And now MORE PUBLICITY! Remember, any gift over 5 bucks gets mentioned on this blog. PAYPAL me babyonbored@gmail.com or go to my little Donation button on my sidebar!

P.S. once again, please don’t even think of donating if this makes you in any way uncomfortable. It makes me uncomfortable to ask for it so I get it. I just figure if I don’t ask, she may not get it so may as well try. Plus, FREE PUBLICITY! DID I MENTION THE SHOUTOUTS?? I’m only doing this until Tuesday night so help a motha out!

Inner Fat Girl is a blog that speaks to anyone who has lost weight and then gained a scosh (did I spell that right?) or two scoshes of lbs back. Her dad told her that no matter how much weight she loses she’d still feel fat inside and she’s trying to prove him wrong!

Spark In Indexing is a blogger who has a business where she indexes your stuff. This seems like it would really come in handy to people who need indexing. I’m more of a self indexer but I know a lot of people who are index challenged. Go check it out and see who it’s for. Maybe YOU.

Do you know Ellie? Have you met Ellie? This woman has done more for drunks than Botox has done for wrinkles. I’m plugging her blog, Crying Out Now, that tells stories of women struggling with booze and from there you can link to her real blog. I love this women.

Kirstin at The Norwindians just got diagnosed with Diabetes (I think.) She’s blogging about her kids, her new life plan and her need to avoid her biggest love (AND MINE) mint Oreos. Great blog.

The next blog is called Not Just a Wife and if you read it you’ll see that there’s a lot more going on than just plain old wifery. Is wifery even a word? My spell check says no but it really sounds like a word to me. Anyway, the blog’s author is just plain cool and has a potty mouth. If I was Oprah, a potty mouth would make my list of favorite things.

The Real Mommy Chronicles tag line says “Reporting from the trenches…and park benches” gotta love a line like that. Why didn’t I think of it? She is a stay-at-home mom now who used to work a lot which many of you can relate to. I know I can. Good writing. Check it out.

Erin at Only I Am Allowed To Yell gave a sweet donation and when I checked out her blog I saw that she made a recipe she got off of the Pioneer Woman’s website. So then I thought, you know what would be good for her? She should make all the recipes from that website and report back. That could be her hook! Maybe that’s what I should do is give everyone direction on their blogs in exchange for their donation. I may be onto something. You’re welcome.

Would you like to enrich your life? Live more purposefully? Express who you really are in your daily activities?
Do you feel out of balance? Would you like to experience more joy? Enjoy more energy and live more healthfully? I answered yes to all these questions. If you did too, go to this website True Essence Coaching and let them fix you up!

Next up – In a Miniskirt. She’s a redhead with fashion sense -two things I aspire to. The blog’s author is a Montana girl, cooker, inspirer whose partner has another cool blog called Oubetcha where he sells very cute country clothes with an edge. Go ahead visit the blog, buy a t-shirt. Then I can say, I went, I read, I bought the T-shirt. If you want to talk like that. Which you probably do.

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Your Generosity

I am absolutely floored by the outpouring of money for this family that our preschool adopted. There are a lot of blogs and businesses to give props to and also a lot of you who don’t have anything to promote but wanted to help. So far, I’ve collected over $1500 and a gently used car seat. A local friend of mine is buying the dad his boots (thanks Julie) and a good friend of mine who has this kick ass store called Witchy Poo Bath is pampering the mom with some lotions and potions.

I know that we can’t help everyone. I get that. I know that there will always be more people with more problems, but this particular family (you know, twins girls, jeesus, disabilities) I don’t have to tell you, it hurts my heart. I honestly can’t get over how you have all come out of the woodwork to help. The director of my preschool asked if we could use some of the money to buy another family our school is sponsoring through the Regional Center a therapy walker for a fourteen-year-old girl. I said “WHAT? Oh hell no.” And then I called her a bitch and pulled my children out of Sage preschool that very minute. OR I said “I think that’s a lovely idea.”

This family is not going to know what hit them. So thank you thank you and more thanks and you can keep sending me money until next Tuesday night. Wednesday I am buying the gift cards etc. Here are more generous people and next week starting on Monday, I will showcase ten people a day who donated. So donate. Think of all the hits!

Tracy at www.sellabitmum.com Okay, seriously? That is a cute blog title. And I do think it’s all about the title. The blog is great too because Tracy’s a Brit. At least I’m pretty sure because she uses phrases like “have a chat” which I LOVE and it always makes me which I was British and would just sound like an idiot saying things like that. Plus, she just threw a b-day party for her daughter and let the kids stay for 4 hours which is nothing but brave.

Michelle at The Burgh Baby Great website! I think it’s already very popular because she raised like 8000 bucks for a toy drive on her site and wanted to pay it forward. I love do-gooders. The pic on the site of the pile of toys was downright inspirational!

Lynn at www.allfookedup.com gave a sizable donation and is funny as hell. Her blog disclaimer is “This blog is not for the light-hearted or easily offended. If either one of those descriptions applies to you, I would suggest you start drinking before you read this blog. A sense of humor is suggested. If you don’t have one that sucks for you … find one and get a life!” Okay, you were warned!

Next up is “Velma” at A Smeddling Kiss I checked out her blog and really liked it. She has two kids who are dealing with challenges and writes about it all with grace and humor. Smart blog, smart author, well worth your time.

A special shout out to Dysfunctional Supermom Dot Com who blogged about my blog to help me raise money and donated to my cause even though she and her husband who she calls “The Saint” are “broke ass.” You can see why I’d love her! Funny funny and more funny.

The Children’s Carousel is worth clicking over because of the donor who is pimping her out. Here’s what she told me: “This is a small business run by a woman who is in her 50’s. Her name is Kathryn and she is an amazing woman. She runs the shop all by herself with one really unpredictable part-timer that she can’t even afford. The Children’s Carousel is a great little shop that re-sells everything maternity-, baby-, & child-related and also sells boutique items for moms who sew cute little dresses or make crafts to sell. Kathryn has had custody of her six grandchildren for 2 years now. The kids are ages 4-12. She has a heart of gold. She just sold her minivan to pay this month’s rent on the store. She needs SALES badly.” So yeah, go over there now!

Next up is Kelly Bennett Photography. I’m a sucker for gorgeous photos especially black and white. This is no ordinary site by any ordinary photography. These shots are stunning! The colors (and shades of black and white), the artistry and the feeling are just amazing. Plus, I’m really into the song she has playing on the homepage. I really want to download it. WHAT IS IT?

I have long been a follower of Melissa from Issa’s Crazy World on twitter for a long time so I was pleasantly surprised that the blog rocks too. She’s a riot (I know, who says riot anymore? Unless they’re referring to Rodney King in which case, let it go already) and has pictures of her Christmas tree up on her blog already. You probably don’t have a tree yet. Okay, you probably do. I don’t.

Tanis at Attack of the Redneck Mommy is gorgeous, funny, talented and as generous as the Tennessee summer is long. She has a trillion blog followers and she donates all her blog’s proceeds to charity in honor of her son who passed away. She knows her way around a kid with a disability, always fights for the underdog and she’s HUGE in Canada. Could there be more reasons to love her?

Backpacking Dad. He’s got a kid (2), he’s got a backpack and his kids ride around in it. Sounds simple but he’s a complicated dude. I LOVE me some backpacking dad. Shawn has been a friend now for a few years and when I quit boozing he was incredibly supportive. He’s cool like that. He also had a lot of twitter followers so it would be good to get in with him.

I will have more for you tomorrow. Please donate if you want to be included in them!

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Opportunity to Help and Get Advertising!

I never do this sort of thing. Personally I absolutely hate asking anyone for anything. I think it has to do with growing up sort of scrappy and independent and fending for myself a lot. I don’t want to get into it (read the book). But here’s the situation: My twins’ preschool class has been assigned a needy family to provide a proper Christmas for. The families come to us through the Los Angeles Regional Center which provides services to people with disabilities. Sadie got all of her therapy hours (PT, OT, Speech, Nutrition, Development, Behavioral) through the Regional Center so they have a special place in my heart. The family that was assigned to our room has 10-month old twin girls both with disabilities and a five-year-old son.

Yesterday when I shopped for this family at Ross (cross dress for less) I started feeling very emotional about it just imagining how insanely tough it must be to be poor and have baby girls with disabilities and then I thought about how hard it must be to be a five-year-old boy in that situation as well. And then there was the family’s wish list. They asked for almost nothing. Other families who were assigned to other rooms in our school asked for bikes, iPods etc. Our family? Warm blankets. Seriously. The dad asked for size 12 work boots (which immediately made me think that he just wants to work and provide for his family but even having proper footwear is a struggle) and they asked for books for their children. They also asked for car seats for the babies (they would be happy with used) and I went out to my neighborhood about the car seats but so far no one has any.

I feel heartbroken over this and as much as I could buy myself it’s not enough. And I know the holidays are a tough time but I guarantee that if you’re reading this blog, you have it better than this family. So here’s where I and my aversion for asking for anything come in. I was thinking that maybe I could ask for donations for this family and in return, I will provide advertising for your blog or business. For every person or company that donates over 5 bucks, I will give you a proper shout-out and link to your company or your blog. I won’t just mention your blog, I will go read it and say something personal and nice about it! Same with your company as long as you don’t sell something offensive. The deadline for me to buy gift cards or deliver them to the person in charge of this family is next Wednesday. I’ve come up with a couple of ways to do this:

You could donate directly to my paypal acct. at Babyonbored@gmail.com (obviously you’ll just have to trust me that I will take every donation and add it to the fund to purchase gift cards to Target and Food 4 Less.

Or you can send a check directly to Sage Academy and earmark it for the Purple Room family. SAGE Academy 5901 Lindley Ave., Tarzana CA 91356

Or if you’re local, you could just drop it off at the school.

If you can think of another way I could do this, I’m open.

I will start giving shout outs as soon as I get the first donation!

P.S. if this makes you uncomfortable in ANY way, don’t donate. I totally get it. I’m getting hit up for money right and left with my kids going to two different schools but this situation with the baby girl twins hits me hard and I can’t not ask. And seriously, people pay me to advertise so I feel like I’m kind of giving you a deal! Email me with any questions!

Okay so the first donations are already in! I will put up the shout outs as the donations come in but I will also do a separate blog post next week to really showcase you all!!

Marinka from motherhoodinNYC sent our family a nice chunk of change and didn’t even want me to mention her blog. I told her “Listen, people love your blog and might feel inspired that someone as awesome as you stepped up.” So she agreed that I could give her a shout out. Her blog cracks me up on a regular basis, her humor is silly and smart. She also blogs at The Mouthy Housewives. Do yourselves a favor and check her out! Unless you don’t like to laugh and in that case skip it.

The blog Cute Ella Is Bold was my very first donation. I went straight over there and was pleasantly surprised by a funny, fun not-too-mommyish blog. The second post down about reader submitted ugly shoes made me laugh out loud and my daughter whose home sick today thought they were pretty damn ugly too. Go have a look!

Another blog www.joeyfortman.com also didn’t disappoint. A regular mom who loves her iPhone (my husband would love her), her three boys (hey, I have three girls, let’s have lunch) and her husband and a certain beverage from Starbucks (I find Starbucks to have a burned taste but we can still be friends). I am really enjoying my new blog finds!!

This is not to mention the six other donations I’ve received so far from people without a business or blog but just wanted to help! I’m a complete emotional mess over your generosity and I’m not even premenstrual. But thanks Marinka for suggesting I may be perimenopausal. I take back the nice things I said about your blog.

My friend Elizabeth at Flourish In Progress donated a cool hundee to the gift card. Thank you so much. Her blog is hilarious, enlightening, fresh, creative and has already been plugged on my blog before! She is really funny and cool (except for her love of scrapbooking).

New donation from Katie at Lee Lee News Wow. This blog is about a mom, her daughter and her daughter surviving meningitis. Her daughter is so so cute and what an amazing story. I’m loving this blog reading!!!

Okay so Jennifer who I absolutely love and who Tweets the funniest tweets at @therealmartha (which is the real martha stewart who refuses to follow her back which is ridiculous!) just donated!

Lauren Hale at My Postpartum Voice made a donation and when I checked out her blog I thought, wow, information and support on PPD that is just mom to mom. The world needs more of that and less of Tom Cruise’s opinion. She’s a top ten PPD writer by the way so check her out!

Pippi from an Etsy site called Anders Ruff Custom Designs donated. I checked out their stuff and it’s really cute! They do a lot of different stuff but what stood out to me was their custom party invites. There was a Sesame Street number that was downright adorable I wish my twins were turning three again!

Got a donation from a friend of a friend who blogs at JJust Kidding the blog is chock full of great photos and a healthy dose of wit. Plus her daughter’s name is Beatrix which is like, ridiculously cute!!

Erica from The Robertson Family blog. I have been an actual reader of this blog and I’m here to tell you that it’s good. She’s a mom with a special needs kiddo herself so she gets it and was especially inspired to help. Erica’s daughter has Rett syndrome and she blogs about that plus things like how much she appreciates drive thru banks. I AGREE!

@DysfuncSupermom just sent me a generous donation. She came to me from @thenextmartha who I gave a shout out to earlier but what the hell. Anyway go follow @DysfuncSupermom because seriously, that is so cool.

Amy Hatvany is an author who sent me her book called Best Kept Secret to check out and I absolutely loved it. Well, she sent me an incredibly generous donation to which I said, “Oh my GOD. You are so nice AND an amazing author. Can I interview you?” She said yes so my interview with her will be up on Monday and in the meantime you can check out her website.

Next up, Julie from A little Pregnant sent a really really nice donation and then told me I could buy MYSELF something with it which is a sweet offer! Ha ha, I wouldn’t do that and I will write up a meticulous accounting of every person who donated, blog or no blog so that if your donation is not on the list you can comment but that won’t happen because every penny is going to our family. Anyhoo, Julie is one of those smart, excellent and hilarious writers that when you’re a new blogger you only dream of getting recognized by. Well, when I was new, Julie commented on my blog and I almost lost my shit. She’s that awesome.

Latest donation is from Yanicka who has this seriously crazy cool Etsy store calledLee Lee Tutu I DIE! She has tons of tutus and they are insane! You will buy a hundred so have a credit card handy. it’s not safe for people like me with three girls I’m telling you!

Heidi from Girl to Mom just sent me a lovely donation. I can’t believe how generous people are! Okay so here the thing: I spent hours recently reading this blog and Heidi’s son’s story and I was in tears and also in awe at this mama’s strength. I heard about her from Babble because she’s right up there in the high rated blog nominations. I love how we’re all becoming this big beautiful bloggy family who are wanting to help one another.

Okay, this is so cute! Polka Dot Posies just made a donation and when I went to check out the store, I thought holy cow I could spend a fortune here. It’s like girly girl hair heaven. You must check out the dollar bows and flower hats immediately!

And then there’s Wendi Aarons. Have you read her blog? If not, you have a serious problem. The problem is you’re not clued in to the good blogs! Um, she’s super funny and if her post about seeing Barry Mannilow doesn’t make you spill your beverage all over your computer due to laughing too hard you are not my kind of person.

Next up is Joe Camp who created the character Benji. Yeah, I have famous givers! He and his wife are now big time horse people. If food lovers are called foodies, should we call horse lovers horsies? In any case, he has a blog now that is like a horse lovers (or horsies) dream come true. It’s called Soul of a Horse and if you go there you can check out his horse book too! So do that, you horsie you.

Last shout out for tonight. check out Desperately Seeking Caffeine if you want to read a heart tugging letter to her four-year-old. She didn’t even want a shout out but I think her blog deserves viewing! Any more will have to go up tomorrow and then I will do separate pages next week.

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