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Weighty Matters

I realize this has become the obsess about Sadie’s weight blog. But I will say that it’s refreshing to obsess about someone else’s weight for a change. Today is the day I will find out if Sadie gained weight in the past two weeks and if so, if it’s enough weight to warrant any optimism that she won’t be the World’s Smallest Human when she grows up. Obviously if she is the World’s Smallest Human I will exploit her and turn her into a money making circus act. And not that ghetto Ringling Brother’s but Circe Du Soleil – in VEGAS dammit.

Even with all the support I get from you readers out there in bloggyland, it is sometimes a pretty lonely feeling to feel nothing but worry about your child with an issue you cannot control. And every once in awhile, you find a kindred spirit who is going through something painfully similar and it’s like a little weight has been lifted (or added in this context). Heather came along as a commenter on my blog and soon we began to email back and forth where we discovered we both had babies the same size who weren’t growing. Now Heather’s story is much more dramatic than mine, and my heart immediately went out to her when I read her story in depth on her blog. And truth be told, I can’t believe that out of the two of us, I’m the one snorting Zoloft, topping it off with a Xanax and washing it all down with a Red Hook Ale while she’s back at work!

She is either a very strong woman or it all hasn’t quite hit her yet. You’ll decide. But in any case, I got to meet Heather in person this weekend and she’s ridiculously cool, her baby is ridiculously small like Sadie (and like Sadie, the docs can’t quite figure out why) and we are in a mad competition to see who can fatten their baby up the fastest – but willing to cry on each other’s shoulders if there are setbacks – because that’s how true girlfriends kick it. So go check out her blog (which bonus, is funny!), then check back here around 5 or so PST for my lastest weight update.
Think good thoughts for both of us!

Posted by Stefanie Wilder Taylor on May 12, 2008 7:12 pmUncategorized10 comments  

Don’t Look Behind You

Sometimes I read WWTDD – What Would Tyler Durdan Do which is this hilarious gossip website written all snarky and making fun of the people I love to make fun of; Lindsay, Brit Brit, Madonna, Amy Winehouse…you know, anyone who’s a hot mess. So yesterday I’m reading it and there’s this picture of Elisha Cuthbert frolicking on the beach with her boyfriend. She was caught from behind walking into the water and her ass is pretty big and cottage cheesy. The writer of the site made some hilarious comments on the state of her rear end which made me laugh so hard I almost dropped the ice cream sandwich I was eating, until I realized, “shit, her butt makes mine look like a huge bowl of Jell-O with fruit added!” Then I stopped laughing – cause that is so not funny.

Posted by Stefanie Wilder Taylor on May 9, 2008 9:55 pmUncategorized8 comments  

Celebrate Me Home

Today was the eightieth time I’ve carted a kid into the pediatrician this year. If I had stock in pediatrics, I’d be a rich woman. Or at least not a poor one. Matilda was acting possessed last night and the colic is long gone so I figured her for an ear infection: part deux. Turns out, she’d just been cranky – ears were completely clear. He he. Sometimes my instincts are in overdrive. Naturally, she was smiling up a storm in the doctor’s office furthur making me look like an asshole. But, it was kind of nice to have an appointment and find out that my child is completely fine! Sure, all these visits are eating away at the girls’ college educations but at least I leave with free formula. So there’s that.

Small Sadie update: at the risk of jinxing it, Sadie’s been eating more and more so next Wednesday I’ll be paying 135 bucks to find out if she’s gained weight. Obviously, I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for all your comments and concern for her. She’s starting to look slightly more lively. But she’s still teeny tiny.

I’m jealous of breast feeders if for no other reason than the amazing money saver that is mammary glands. It’s really an underrated benefit of breast feeding. My bank account really really wishes breast feeding had worked out for me. But enough about boobs and babies – I wouldn’t want to be pegged as a strictly mommy blogger, right? How about American Idol! I only wish I could get behind one of these contestants. Seeing as how I can’t leave the house for under 100 bucks in babysitting fees, I feel that American Idol owes me a more compelling season. David Archuleta is going to be the Shawn Cassidy of my day and nothing wrong with that but, I’m not thirteen so I don’t really give a shit. David Cook is a wannabe rocker and most of his songs have been barely tolerable -with the exception of Neil Diamond week where I almost became a fan but then came to my senses the following week. I believe Syesha’s higher notes have been the cause for my babies’ ear infections and Jason Castro is…well…in major need of creme rinse (remember when we all called conditioner creme rinse? What happened? When did it stop being creme rinse? And what happened to mousse?) and he’s kicked off. Of course, I will still be watching the finale – because I have no alternative. I’m celebrating myself home every night.

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Wanna See Some Pics?

Both babies got shots today even though they have ear infections. So, if you’re wondering whether or not there’s been nonstop crying at the International House of Babies, the answer is yes. But, you know me, I don’t like to complain. Rather than another bitch fest about being tired, busy, drunk etc. her are some cute pictures.

Mattie is in the swing, Elby is wrapped in paper towels and Sadie is scooting on the couch. But don’t worry, she’s never fallen off – unlike Mattie. And then there’s a sight every mom loves – toddler sleeping.

Posted by Stefanie Wilder Taylor on May 2, 2008 2:35 amUncategorized45 comments  


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