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20 Reasons

Today I was thinking about why my husband rocks and I decided to write 20 reasons down. Here they are.


1. He’s funnier than I am. But he’ll deny it til the end.

2. He has no idea how good looking he is and anytime I bring it up, he dismisses me.

3. He’s only cheated on me like four or five times. That I know about.

4. For weeks after Mel Gibson’s belligerant, crazy DUI story broke, Jon referred to me soley as “Sugar Tits.”

5. Although he’d like to punch everyone who stars in Grey’s Anatomy, he’ll still watch it with me and discuss it in depth if I insist.

6. The way he looked at me when I walked up to him in my wedding dress.

7. He used to smoke. Used to being the operative words.

8. His endless patience.

9. The last time the movie “Another Man’s Husband” starring Gail O’ Grady and Lisa Rinna aired on Lifetime, he said, “Oh, we’ve seen this one.” And he’s not even gay. That I know about.

10. The worst haircut I ever gave myself was introduced to him on our sixth date. He didn’t mention it until our sixth year.

11. Every year he gives money to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

12. He’s nice to my friends. Even the crazy ones. And most of my friends are crazy.

13. His obsession over what to get his parents for Christmas.

14. He told me I never looked more beautiful than when I was pregnant.

15. The two separate times he explained in great detail the full story of World War II and didn’t make it boring.

16. He knows which episodes of Dora are our daughter’s favorites.

17. He ends every fight by asking “do you want to punch me?”

18. He’d be mortified if he knew this was my post tonight.

19. When he calls me bitch it’s a compliment.

20. He sympathizes with the underdog.

21. He’s the best person I know. And I feel lucky that he loves me. Did I mention he’s fine?

22. Oh, and he gave me this!

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Conversation overheard at Trader Joe’s yesterday.

Two women were walking down the aisle while a four-year-old (my best guesstimate) rode in the cart.

“Red Sweater Blonde” (wearing a sweater in 100 degree heat – anorexic?): Jonah is incredibly picky about his blueberries.

“Hi I’m 40 ButI’m Wearing $300 Dollar Jeans”: (with actual fascination in her voice) Really?

Red Sweater Blonde: Oh yes. He will only eat blueberries from Whole Foods. He refuses to eat Trader Joes blueberries.

“Hi I’m 40 ButI’m Wearing $300 Dollar Jeans”: Wow. That’s amazing that he can tell the difference.

Red Sweater Blonde: Yeah, he’s really advanced for his age.

“Hi I’m 40 But I’m Wearing $300 Dollar Jeans”: Have you tried the pita chips? They’re baked.

You can’t make this shit up!

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